Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 Weeks!

We finally got Brinleigh's newborn pictures from the photographer & I can't wait to start hanging her pictures around the house.  The photographer also put all of her pictures on a photo sharing website called smug mug where you can sign in with our user name & password & view all of the pictures.  This website also lets you order pictures if there are some that anyone wants for themselves. 

Smug Mug <~ Click on this website
Use this Password:  BForeman

Brinleigh is starting to develop her own little personality & it is so much fun for us to watch.  She has recently started smiling at us & seems to recognize our faces & voices.  She can support her head fairly well now but it still seems a little heavy for her & she hasn't gained full control of it yet.  This past week she officially moved out of her newborn clothes & into her 0-3 month clothes.  It makes me sad because it means she is already growing & getting bigger, however, it is a lot of fun since she has so many new 0-3 month clothes that she gets to start wearing now.  She has also worn her first pair of shoes a few times over the last week.  Brinleigh is gradually improving with her sleeping patterns & she is awake more now during the day with occasional naps whenever she feels like it, there is no schedule yet.  She still wakes up a couple times throughout the night but not as much & she goes longer periods asleep before she wakes up.  After we brought Brinleigh home, I got into the habit of sleeping down stairs because it was easier with her waking up so much & because our company was sleeping upstairs & then I continued sleeping downstairs when Kolt went back to work so that we didn't wake him up at night.  But the couch is starting to get old & in the next couple of weeks I will try & move us into mine & Kolt's room on the weekends & probably into Brinleigh's room during the week, but we will see how things go.  We go to the doctor on October 1st for Brinleigh's two month well baby check-up & I will post how that goes.  

We bought our plane tickets to come home for Christmas & that really did some damage on the credit card, even though they were on sale.  We will be home for 3 weeks arriving December 8th & leaving December 29th.  I have already started mentally planning our trip, writing out lists & reading TSA guidelines for traveling with a baby.  This is the first time Kolt & I have flown together & will be our first time flying with a baby & I am determined to make this trip as smooth as possible.  Kolt & I both HATE flying & become panic stricken schizo's when it comes to traveling by airplane.  (NOTE:  Kolt is perfectly fine flying on a helicopter, complete opposite when flying commercially.)   I usually have to take anxiety meds to avoid a panic attack & Kolt drinks alcohol to calm his nerves.  So traveling together & with a baby for the first time will definitely be an experience, but one I am determined to make as smooth as I possibly can.   I will also start packing a week in advance since I am not a light packer by any means & I tend to travel with a lot more than is necessary.  I am extremely indecisive & paranoid about needing or wanting something at my destination & not having it because I didn't pack it.  This time, I will be attempting to pack as light as possible for a 3 week stay, not only for myself, but for Brinleigh as well.  This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me.  But, since I plan on doing some shopping while we are home & with bringing home Christmas gifts, we are going to need as much extra room as possible for our flight home.