Friday, July 13, 2012

Basic Airman Check Ride

Since we have been in Alaska, Kolt has been on a few flights to "practice" specific job responsibilities he will have on the helo.  After several cancelled flights, he was finally able to go on his official check ride where he was evaluated on his performance of the basic airman requirements.  The flight was a long one, lasting for several hours after he had worked his normal 8 hour shift all night.  But this flight was also his favorite since being in Alaska.  The helo landed by a waterfall & also in an open field & the flight mech on board was able to get some awesome pictures of Kolt & the helo.  Kolt passed the check ride & is now a qualified BA (Basic Airman) which means he will now be getting flight pay & will hopefully be going on more flights.  

38 Weeks Down..... 2 More To go....

I can't believe our due date is only 2 weeks away!!!!  It is both exciting & scary at the same time.  I think we are prepared as much as we can be for Baby Brinleigh's arrival & we have done just about everything that needs to be done.  The baby's bedroom is FINALLY completely done..... set up, decorated & organized and in my personal opinion, looks super cute.  We have bought and received almost everything we need for her except a few last minute things that we are still working on purchasing in the next few weeks.  June 29th was my last day of work & during my time off before the baby comes, I am working on cleaning & organizing the house, taking care of errands/chores/to-do's that will be easier to get done before she comes rather than after she is here, & overall preparing for a month of visitors & life with a new baby.  I have been seeing the doctor once a week for a few weeks now & as of 2 weeks ago my cervix was still closed.  I wasn't check this past week but will most likely be checked at the next appointment since I will be almost 39 weeks.  

36 Week Belly Pic


Brinleigh's Room

Our wonderful neighbor, Megan, also took some maternity pictures for us & I haven't seen them all yet but here are a couple that she sent to me (I played around with them on the instagram app on my iphone & changed them a little bit).