Saturday, June 28, 2014

Family Update!

We have been very, very busy here at The Foreman House, so I apologize for the lack of posts this month, however, I can't say that it's going to get much better in July.  So, lets catch up a little bit, shall we!

Kolt has been fishing like a mad man.  Every chance he gets he is out with one of his friends and is steadily stocking our freezer with salmon.  All of which will be shipped to his dad in Arizona.
He took his first service wide test in May.  This test is what determines if he can/will promote to a second class (E5) or not.  The list just came out and he is in the middle, about number 45, I think.  But we won't hear anything for a few more months about how many people from the AET list that will be promoted.  They might only promote the top 10 or they can promote 50 or they can clear the whole list.  If he doesn't make the cut on this test, then he will test again in November.
Kolt has also been getting a lot of flight time in and stands flight mech duty about once a week.  He had his first successful SAR case this past week.  (I will be posting another blog entry specifically about that.)
Kolt has also been spending any free time he has, looking online for travel trailers for us to buy for our cross country road trip.  (I will be posting an entire entry about our travel plans, routes, dates, etc.)

Brinleigh is growing like a weed.  I really can't handle it and need it to stop ASAP!  She is talking up a storm and tries repeating almost everything we say.  Her current verbal obsession: "Where did it go?"  She will throw things or drop things and then say a high pitched "where it go?" accompanied by the appropriate hand gestures and facial expressions.  She is also fully aware of the word "No" and it's meaning.  So when I'm in the living room telling Brinleigh to come put her shoes on, she will stand in the kitchen and scream "NO!" and then wait for me to come and physically get her.
She has two molars (one top and one bottom) coming in which has not been fun at all.  We never really had teething problems when she was cutting all her other teeth.  But these were awful for a few days.  I felt so bad for her.
We are doing awesome with our new schedule and I am not excited about it completely going to shit when we start traveling.  And then of course, having to start all over again in a completely different time zone.

I am still going strong with my workouts and I'm actually quite proud of myself.  I can definitely tell that my strength and endurance are improving.  I try to go to several bodypump classes every week and on the days that I don't have a class then I try to go for a run.  My running schedule is somewhat sporadic though given the Sitka weather.  Today was one of the days that I just wanted to stay outside and soak up as much sun as I could.  I actually got sunburned during my run today!
I start a new workout program at the fitness studio on Monday (Les Mills GRIT series).  It's a 30 minute HIIT workout that I will have three times a week for my last four weeks in Sitka.  I am scared and excited at the same time.  I will hate life for those 30 minutes, but I am really hoping to see some huge physical changes after I'm finished.  And since I only have about a month until I plan to be wearing summer clothes and bathing suits, I've decided to get serious.  So, starting on Monday (my first day of GRIT) I am starting a new healthy meal plan which includes cutting out ALL soda and junk food.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot live without my mountain dew, so this is going to be a HUGE challenge for me.  Wish me luck and say a prayer for Kolt, he gets to deal with me while I'm cutting out all sugar and junk cold turkey.  (I will hopefully be posting an entry about my progress to include before and after pics sometime in August.)
My days are planned around taking care of Brinleigh and my workouts, so any extra time that I have is spent planning both of Brinleigh's birthday parties and making the decorations for her Sitka party.  Adding to the 10 different lists that I currently have pertaining to our move.  Posting and selling items online that we don't need anymore so that we don't have to pack unnecessary items.  And, trying to find time to blog.

We had our pre-checkout housing inspection, where the housing chief walked through to look at our unit and take notes of what needs to be fixed or replaced when we move out.  He told us the main things we needed to have done or cleaned before we do our actual housing check-out inspection. 

We are officially ONE MONTH away from leaving Sitka!            

Monday, June 9, 2014

'Tis the Season

PCS season is finally upon us!  Last week was the beginning of transfer season here in Sitka, as new people are slowly starting to arrive and movers are packing up those who are leaving.  A good majority of Coasties who are transferring out are getting on the June 17th ferry and everyone else will follow behind shortly after.  Except for us! We will be staying to enjoy the entire summer in Sitka.  I like to think of Summer here as a reward for surviving the Winter season.  It really does make it all worth it.
As excited as I am to leave Alaska and to be able to explore our next city, I am actually getting pretty sad as well.  Just when I started to get a routine and found things I enjoy doing and making good friends, we have to leave it all behind.  Since having Brinleigh, I have become more social and outgoing and now that I have discovered things I am interested in, I am hopeful that I will make friends quicker at the next duty station.
As for us, the movers will be here to pack up the house on July 21st and 22nd, then they will load everything up on the 23rd and we will be getting on the ferry on July 29th.  I will be posting a calendar/ timeline of our travel plans when it gets closer to our PCS date.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

22 Month Update

Height:  32.5 inches  (50th Percentile)
Weight: 28.2 lbs  (85th Percentile)
Teeth:  12! And they are bigger now, reminding me that she is no longer a little baby and that now she's a toddler. 
Words she likes to say: "No, Stop!" "Heyyyy" (which is said with a scowl.) "Hi" "Bye" (which also come with the cutest wave ever.) "Whoa" (said with wide eyes) "Sy" (Outside) 
Favorite Toys:  Minnie Mouse ride on toy, rocking pony,
Favorite Foods:  Strawberries, Ritz crackers, Fruit snacks, Chips (especially nacho cheese Doritos)  She loves pork chops and dipping them in A1 sauce along with Swedish meatballs.     
Dislikes:  Diaper changes, coming back in the house from playing outside, being told "No", and..... Time Out!!!!
Nicknames:  Boo Boo, Brinleigh Boo, Brinleigh D
Sleep Schedule:  Wakes up at 8:30am, takes a nap anywhere between 1-3pm depending on what we are doing that day, wakes up from her nap between 4-6pm.  Bedtime is 9pm.  We are waking up much earlier now and nap time is a little earlier as well and I have noticed a huge improvement on Brinleigh's sleeping.    
Favorite Activities:  Anything outside!!! She loves to be outside and she throws what we like to refer to as a "Stage 5 Meltdown" if we bring her in the house.  This includes kicking, screaming, throwing herself on the floor, crying, and hitting or throwing toys.  She still loves bath time and I'm pretty sure her favorite time of day is story time before bed, especially if Daddy is home and she has both of us to sit and read to her.  Climbing on EVERYTHING!  Including the dog.  Jumping on anything she can, usually in her crib or on the couches.  Playing on the Kindle and having Mommy and Daddy blow bubbles.
Favorite Song:  She LOVES the Bubble Guppies song "Pencil Case", which is sung to the same beat as Lady Gaga's song "Poker Face".  She drops everything and runs to her dance floor (ie: the living room in front of the tv) so she can dance to the entire song.  She has also become a huge fan of the Disney Jr song/commercial "DJ Shuffle".
Favorite Book:  She likes just about anything that has pictures and that allows her to turn the pages.  But she still loves the touch and feel books.