Friday, December 7, 2012

Brinleigh's 4 Month Well Baby Check Up

Wednesday we had Brinleigh's 4 month well baby check up with our Doctor, whom we love.  She indeed confirmed that our little girl is growing like a weed.  Brinleigh now weighs 13 lbs & 3.6 oz. & she is 23.6 inches long.  

She usually has no problems with being at the doctors office, but this visit was rough to say the least.  First off, we usually only see our doctor & her nurse, Kat, but this appointment was different.  Kat's CNA is the first one we saw, (I don't even remember her name) she is the one who took Brinleigh's vitals, measured her & weighed her.  Brinleigh was fine letting the CNA listen to her heart & measure her.  THEN.... she had to get weighed.  Well not only did this CNA not seem very confident with what she was doing, but she also seemed to not know how to work the scale very well either.  So after weighing Brinleigh several times, she laid her down on her back on the bed/table that is always in the doctors office rooms.  As she laid Brinleigh down, I had turned around to grab a new diaper from Kolt.  I'm not sure what this woman did to my baby girl, but Brinleigh started crying & screaming & turned a shade of maroon that I had never seen before.  This cry/scream was the kind she lets out when she is physically uncomfortable or in pain, like something hurt her.  Well this woman was just so convinced that Brinleigh was just so upset because she must not have wanted the CNA to put her down.  B*tch please!  My baby is not upset about you putting her down, you did something that hurt her & she is screaming because she is pissed.  UGH!  So of course I pick her up & I'm trying to calm her down while I examine her to see what hurt her.  Kolt can see the anger forming in my face & hears how his baby girl is crying & Daddy knows that all of this is NOT normal.  I don't know if Kolt has EVER heard Brinleigh cry & scream like this, much less turn herself maroon from head to toe in the matter of seconds.  Thankfully, for this lady, she quickly left the room while we were preoccupied with calming Brinleigh down before I lost my shit.  This Momma was NOT happy, at all.  As this CNA lady skirted out of the room, Kat & our Doctor came in.  They are excellent with Brinleigh & as she started to calm down, she became entertained with the doctor talking to her & feeding her compliments.  You can't go wrong telling Brinleigh how cute she is, she absolutely loves to hear it.  So we told the Doctor & Kat about when Brinleigh started crying & they checked her out to make sure there was nothing physically wrong.  

The doctor said she is growing perfectly & was very pleased with all of the things she is learning to do.  On Tuesday, Brinleigh had actually rolled herself over from her tummy to her back twice while laying in her play yard.  I thought it might have just been the way I set her down but as the doctor was examining her, she laid her on tummy & Brinleigh started to roll herself over to her back again.  The doctor confirmed that Brinleigh was doing this on her own & was pleased to see all of her progress.  She also got to hear Brinleigh's new voice as she babbled to the doctor & witnessed the mass amounts of drool she now produces.  The doctor confirmed my suspicions that Brinleigh has starting teething but no teethe are present as of yet.  It's only a matter of time now.  She is always chewing on her hands, she loves to suck on wet washcloths while in the bathtub, & pretty much anything she can grasp with her tiny hands is guaranteed to make it to her mouth.  The appointment ended with an oral vaccination which Brinleigh sucked down with no problems & then 3 shots which understandably, sent her into a fit of rage..... again.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 more Days.....

I've made my packing/ to-do list & checked it twice...... okay, 15 times is probably a more realistic number.  I am taking care of a little bit every day so that I'm not swamped at the end of the week.  I started packing myself & Brinleigh's suitcases tonight.  Last night we spent a little time trying on outfits to see what fits her or was close to fitting her.  She is in the middle of a growth spurt right now where she has almost outgrown some of her 0-3 month clothes & she can barely fit into some of her 3-6 month clothes.  So needless to say, we aren't going to get away with packing as lightly as I thought for her.  I'm also bringing almost all of her 0-3 month clothes with us 1.) for her to wear while we are there and 2.) for my sister, Dana, to go through & pick out what she wants for her new baby, Peyton.  I'm pretty sure that when we come back home in a month, she will for sure not be able to wear her 0-3 month clothes anymore.  

On another note, I've decided to start giving up specific unhealthy foods that contain no nutritional value at all, as part of my weight loss plan.  My first food to give up:  Chips.  So let's see how this goes.  I haven't decided if I want to do this bi-weekly or monthly, but as of right now.  No More Chips!  Wish me luck. 

We got our first snow of the winter this last weekend.  It started late Friday night & we woke up Saturday morning to a light blanket of snow.  It continued to snow all day & night, throughout Sunday & into Monday morning.  I think we got a total of around 11-12 inches.  It is supposed to rain/snow throughout the week & I am praying that this does not effect or delay our flight out of here on Saturday.     

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A House Full of Packages

You would think Christmas came early in the Foreman household today.  I've been doing a little online shopping lately & all of my Black Friday purchases just so happened to all arrive today.  We had boxes & packaging everywhere.  It was a little overwhelming to be honest.  But I was like a kid in a candy shop.  
Our first package of the day was from Kohls.  It consisted of a knew block knife set for Kolt, which he of course was very excited about.  He got to open that & set it all up.  Then there was also a new black cardigan for Brinleigh, a pair of jeans & leggings for myself.  It is sooooooooo nice to have a couple pairs of pants that are not maternity jeans, that actually fit me.  I don't plan on buying a lot more because I WILL get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I am determined.  The next delivery were packages from Babies R' Us & Best Buy.  From Babies R' Us, we got Brinleigh's new high chair which of course I opened right away, put together, & then set her in to see how she liked it.  And then of course I opened my box from Best Buy.  Can you guess what it was????  MY NEW CAMERA!!!!!   I am beyond excited to learn how to use this thing so I can get to taking some Amazing pictures, which will most likely be all Brinleigh.

After running a few errands this afternoon, we came home & Brinleigh was sleeping in her car seat.  This of course was a prime opportunity to try & read a little about my new camera & play around with it a little until she woke up.  Here are some pictures from after I learned how to turn it on & snap a few shots.  I'm still not sure what I'm doing though.  This thing is serious business.

Tonight Brinleigh & I decided to venture outside in the freezing (literally things are frozen) cold to check out the neighbors Christmas decor that they were in the process of putting up outside.  This of course also gave me yet another opportunity to take some adorable pictures of Brinleigh in her winter jacket & hat.


30 Days of Thanks: Days #28, #29, & Finally #30!

Day # 28:
Thankful that my husband FINALLY shaved off that stupid mustache even though "movember" isn't over for 2 more days.

Day #29:
Thankful for wonderful neighbors. Maybe it's just because it's coast guard housing, but everyone knows everyone. If we ever needed anything from a cup of sugar to help moving a piece of furniture, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand. We love our neighbors & it's nice knowing I have people watching out for me when Kolt isn't home.

Day #30:
I DID IT! Posted something I am thankful for every day this month. It's weird, now that I have done it every day I realize how fast this month has gone by. so this being my last thankful post.....
I am Thankful for anxiety medicine, such as xanax which will help me to stay calm & not react like a schizo on the plane ride from Alaska to Arizona next weekend.
I am Thankful for pla

nes, which is pretty much my only way of getting off this rock when I need a break, like going home for Christmas.
I am Thankful for my husband agreeing to fly home for Christmas, since his anxiety is probably even a little worse than mine when it comes to flying. (Yes, he fly's around in helicopters for a living, but can't stand to fly commercially.)
I am Thankful for having the money to afford to buy tickets to fly home for the holidays so that we can be with our family.

Can you tell that I am excited to go home for Christmas?