Monday, April 18, 2016

Welcome to the world Easton Ryder

Easton Ryder has finally arrived!!!! After being a week overdue and having to make a last minute decision to have a C-section due to his size, our little man was born on March 28, 2016 at 3:51pm weighing a whopping 9lbs 10oz & measuring 21.5 inches long. 

I had a doctors appointment on my due date, Monday- March 21, where the doctor checked my cervix & determined I was about 2 1/2 cm dilated. However, my cervix was still pretty far back making this whole process super painful. She wanted me to come back two days later on Wednesday for an ultrasound and also decided I should go ahead and schedule to be induced.  I preferred to not be induced, but obviously with no signs of labor, we didn't have much of a choice.  When I sat down with the lady who did the scheduling, I chose to be induced Thursday/ Friday that week. She insisted that the hospital was pretty adamant about not inducing before 41 weeks so we scheduled it for Sunday/ Monday. This meant I would be checking into the hospital Easter Sunday evening at 7pm and my pitocin would be administered Monday morning.  Now that I was facing induction (and pitocin = more painful contractions) I was determined to get the labor train in motion.  My mother-in-law came into town to help us out a few days prior so we were all set to get this baby out!

On Wednesday I went into the doctors office for an ultrasound where they checked my fluid and umbilical cord placement to make sure it wasn't wrapped around the baby's Neck. They explained to me that they like fluid levels to be around 12, they worry if they're less than 5 but they can be as high as 20-25. Mine were at 19 and the umbilical cord was not wrapped.  When I asked if she could tell how big the baby was (the doctors kept estimating he would be about 7 1/2 lbs since Brinleigh was 7lbs and I was guessing he would be about 8lbs) she prepared me by explaining that since I was full term the measurements were always bigger than the baby actually is. He was measuring at 9.9 lbs +/- 1.3 lbs but the ultrasound tech was estimating he would be more between 8-9 lbs. He was gonna be bigger than expected but we still had confidence I could deliver him vaginally as planned. She was able to get some 4D pics and they showed chubby cheeks and plump lips. I fell in love!

On Thursday the doctors office called me to ask if I could come into the office the next day. My doctor received the ultrasound notes and was concerned about my delivery plan and the size of the baby. They wanted to counsel me on alternate delivery options (i.e. C-section) and discuss their concerns. I lost my shit. 

On Friday we went to the dr's office and met with the on-call dr who suggested we schedule a c-section. Even though the ultrasound measured the baby at 9.9 lbs, neither us or the doctor believed he was actually that big. However, in the chance that he was, there was concern of a broken clavicle or shoulder distocia and the complications they could cause for the baby. When the doctor explained the possible complications and health risks a vaginal delivery could have on the baby, I knew what had to be done.  The doctor had to leave to go deliver a baby so we had about 3.5 minutes to make our final decision. We cancelled the induction and scheduled a c-section for Monday at 3pm.  I cried. 

I stuffed my face on Easter Sunday because I was instructed not to eat or drink after midnight that night. 

Monday, March 28, I was able to sleep in a little bit before having to start getting ready. We had to check into the hospital at 12:30pm and my C-section was scheduled for 3pm. At about 11am I started feeling some contractions, although I didn't believe they were real due to all the false ones I had been having randomly throughout the week. But they got stronger.... And longer.... And closer together. When we left the house a little after noon I finally started timing them. They were strong enough that when walking into the hospital I had to stop during the contraction. We checked into the maternity floor and were instructed to sit in the waiting area.  Me and my now very painful contractions, Kolt snapping pics of everything on his phone, and our 5 pillows and 7 bags.  A nurse finally came out and got us and helped carry our bags to the room while I breathed hard through contractions. "Wow, you brought a lot with you" the nurse laughed...... My family doesn't call me the bag lady for nothing. 

The hospital room was really nice and very spacious with a table and chairs for all my bags and a couch that unfolded into a bed for Kolt to sleep on. My nurse instructed me to change into my hospital gown after I wiped my body down in a very specific way with large antibacterial wipes. After I had prepped myself, I emerged from the bathroom and found Kolt completely dressed head to toe in blue surgical scrubs. I climbed into my hospital bed to endure my now extremely painful contractions while nurses strapped me to machines and kept poking me over and over before finally getting my IV in correctly. My nurse, Lacey, (the only one who's name I can remember from that day) checked to see how far dilated I was and then went and got another nurse. The second nurse then also checked my dilation and as they both somewhat whispered to each other and looked at the clock, I started to worry. They never told me how far dilated I was and with my frequent, long and painful contractions, I didn't care to ask. What I do remember was that they reassured me that as long as the doctor wasn't running late (she was coming from the office) we would be fine.  Well that was reassuring. Do not tell me that after a week overdue, a stressful weekend of accepting the emotional decision to have a c-section, and all of my research, that now my body might just push this baby out before I even get into the operating room! Deep breaths. 

At 3pm Nurse Lacey walked me with my iv pole and Kolt down to the operating room. We had to pause a few times for my contractions but slowly we made it and Kolt was instructed to wait in a chair in a little cubby area outside of the OR.  It was like a little Daddy's C-section jump seat.  Lacey opened the door to the OR and it was like walking through the gates of Heaven.... Bright lights everywhere. It was a huge room, kind of cold, full of machines and medical equipment of course.  (Why do they make it look so small and dark on Greys Anatomy?)  I had to climb up onto the operating table and sit and wait for my spinal block to be administered. I was nervous but strangely very at peace with the whole situation. I looked around nervously and made eye contact with Lacey, who reassured me she would be right there through the whole process. I was introduced to my team which was all females (I thought that was awesome) and my doctor came in and greeted me. She explained a little bit about the procedure and how everything was going to work. The anesthesiologist told me what she was going to do and the baby nurse came over to be my support person. (This was Kolt's job when I had my epidural with Brinleigh's delivery.) The baby nurse was an older lady who had an extremely calming auroa and made me feel very comfortable. As I sat on the side of the operating table, I held onto her as she instructed me to arch my back like a cat. She coached me through the entire strange feeling spinal block process with her angelic voice. I felt some stinging pokes of numbing medication in my back before the large needle was inserted. During the spinal I got the most painful shooting pains down my left leg (I didn't ask why) and they were so sudden I remember trying to stay as still as possible and not jerk from the unexpected pain. After the spinal was done the nurses helped to lay me down and continued to prep me for surgery. I had to stretch my arms out to the sides and a blood pressure cuff was put on my right arm. Both arms got strapped down and a drape was hung over my chest right in front of my face so that I couldn't see anything below. Then they put this air tunnel thing over my arms & chest that blew out warm air, I guess to help keep me comfortable in the cold room. The anesthesiologist was on the right side of my head with her machines that monitored me during the entire surgery and when the baby nurse checked on me I asked if my husband was still outside the OR.  I felt like they had forgotten that Kolt was waiting in the hallway and I started to panic thinking he would miss the birth. She reassured me that he was still there and would be brought in before they started the surgery.  I tried moving my toes and couldn't feel anything. Absolutely nothing. It was almost frustrating because I was telling myself to move my feet yet nothing was happening. Such a weird experience being completely paralyzed basically from the waist down.  The doctor checked on me and the team started their briefing on the procedure, stating my name and pregnancy info and what exactly they were going to be doing. 

A nurse brought Kolt in and directed him to a seat next to my head on my left side. He stroked my head and talked to me through the procedure, keeping his head low by mine. He didn't want to see the surgery process and I think at this point he was more nervous than I was. The doctor started the procedure and would tell me when I was going to feel pressure or movement. All I could feel was my body being jerked from side to side, but no pain. The doctor told me there was going to be lots of pressure, the anesthesiologist asked Kolt if he wanted her to take pictures for us so he handed her his phone and then all of a sudden I heard tiny baby cries and I immediately broke down into tears. Kolt looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "he's here babe" as I looked at Kolt and cried "that's him!" With Easton's delivery I wasn't exhausted from pushing or in any pain from contractions, so I was more aware and in the moment when he arrived and the tears just flowed down my face. The doctor said "Oh yeah, He's a big boy!" While all the nurses agreed and I immediately felt relieved that we chose the c-section. The anesthesiologist unstrapped my arms and they wrapped him in a blanket and placed him on my chest while I continued to cry tears of joy.  I fell in love. 

They took Easton to clean him off and weigh him and Kolt cut his umbilical cord while the doctor finished my procedure and closed me up. At this point I was relaxed, relieved, joyous and just felt like going to sleep. After weighing him they told me 9lbs 10oz and 21 1/2 inches long. I was shocked!  Completely surprised. I can't believe I was carrying such a big baby around in my belly. But he was beautiful and strong and he was ours. 

Once the procedure was done and I was stitched up they moved me from the operating table to my hospital bed which they had wheeled into the OR. They handed me my baby boy and wheeled us back to our hospital room where we would be in recovery for a couple hours.  Probably the most peaceful couple of hours we had the entire hospital stay. 

Later that evening Kolt's mom brought Brinleigh to the hospital to meet her new baby brother. She was excited to see us and willing to hold him but absolutely would NOT give him kisses. 

Welcome to the world, Easton! You have added so much more joy and love to our little family and we can't wait to experience life with you!