Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are still here, safe & sound, in Alaska.  Don't worry, we have not gotten snowed in either.  All the snow has been up north.  We did get a few inches a couple days ago, but nothing compared to the 15 feet Anchorage got a couple weeks ago.  Hunting season is over now so Kolt has been occupying his time with working on his boat & experimenting with deer meat & his new dehydrator.  We are slowly gaining more daylight, slowly being the key word.  It is still dark by 4pm but the sun seems to be coming up a little earlier.  This coming week will be my last week working full time & then I will start part time, 20 hours a week.  I will also be coming home for a 2 week visit on Feb. 19th - March 5th. while Kolt spends a week in Mississippi for C-school.  We have a Dr's appointment coming up for our monthly check up.  I hit 12 weeks last Thursday so I am moving into the final weeks of my first trimester & thankfully starting to feel a little better.  Not nearly as sick or as tired, but still having symptoms such as dizziness & headaches.  I am still not really showing, just barely, which I guess I should be thankful for since I will have plenty of time for that later.  Gunner is doing great, I think he has stopped growing & he will be 1 year old on January 28th.  He has become good friends with our neighbors dog, Tucker.  They like to play & run & jump on each other.  Tucker is smaller but a lot faster than Gunner so it keeps Gunner on his toes trying to keep up with him.  He is doing very good with his training & has learned some more tricks, our only problem area is keeping his attention when there are other dogs around.  Not much else to report on here but we will continue to keep everyone updated. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well 2011, you have been good to us, I'm hoping 2012 can be even better.  Here is a recap of 2011:

January- Loving life in San Diego, went to Sea World & got to go snowboarding in Big Bear with friends.

February- Began our cross country road trip from San Diego to North Carolina with a stop in Texas for a week to visit with some friends.  

March-  Kolt FINALLY started his school that he had been waiting for since joining the Coast Guard in 2008.  Settled into life in NC & decided to buy our very first puppy, Gunner.

April - July-  Loved life in North Carolina, made some great friends & family & also got to visit & reconnect with some old friends.  Kolt got to pick strawberries for the first time, we had a vacation in the Outer Banks, weekly t-ball & baseball games, & family lunches every Sunday.

August- Road trip back across the country to San Diego with a stop in Texas again.  Short visit in San Diego & spent some time in Arizona.  Then another road trip to Alaska.

September - October- Our household goods arrived & we got all settled in to our new home.  Lexi got a new job & Kolt bought his very first boat.  Kolt shot his very first deer.

November- Found out we were pregnant!!!!

December- Spent our first Christmas away from family since we have been together.  Got to see our lil baby & hear its heartbeat.  

We brought in the new year with some good friends & spent the weekend relaxing.