Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Update

34 weeks

The pregnancy is still going smooth & we only have a little over a month to go, until the due date anyways.  I have a feeling Brinleigh is going to enter the world fashionably early, unlike her mother who is late to everything!  I have been sick for over a week now & went to see the doctor who told me I had bronchitis.  After prescribing some medicine & staying home for a few days & relaxing, I am finally getting over it.  The baby has been doing good though & will not be affected by anything.  We are slowly getting the last few things we need before the baby comes & getting her bedroom organized & put together.  One of my very dear friends, Stephanie, ordered us a car seat & once that arrived I went to work trying to figure out how to work everything.  I got the car seat base installed in the car along with the car seat, however, I'm not sure if it's in there correctly & so I will be making a trip by the fire department to have them check it some time in the next couple of weeks.  My belly is getting bigger, the back pain has surprisingly subsided, & my energy level has once again decreased dramatically.  I am sleeping a lot more again & tend to get heartburn in the middle of the night when I'm laying down sleeping.  Since the baby is getting bigger & she has less room to move around, I don't feel as much movement but I do still get an occasional nudge from her feet or handsThe braxton hicks contractions have also picked up quite a bit & I seem to be getting them much more often these days.  We are very grateful for the packages we have been receiving from our family & friends.  It is such a huge help & we can't thank everyone enough.  One of our most recent gifts was sent from my brothers Taylor & Keith & Taylor's girlfriend, Meghan.  They sent us a handmade quilt & pillow made especially for Brinleigh by Meghan & her grandmother.  It is extremely cute, super soft, & I am absolutely in love with it!


Monday, June 18, 2012

King Salmon Season

King Salmon season officially started a few weeks ago.  At first, Kolt was having a hard time catching anything, I think mostly because the season had just started.  But now that it has been a few weeks, he is bringing home the fish!  Because we are "non-residents" he is only allowed to catch one King Salmon a day & his limit is 4 per year.  Since the friends he usually goes fishing with are "residents" they are allowed up to 3 a day & an unlimited number per year.  Therefore, Kolt some times brings home some of his friends catches too.  He has been VERY excited about the salmon & is slowly starting to fill the freezer.  Before King Salmon season started, Kolt was doing very well catching halibut, which we figured out is the ONLY fish I like to eat so far.  

Kolt's First King Salmon!!!

 Kolt's Second day of catching King's

Day 3 of bringing home the King Salmon

 Kolt & our neighbor & good friend, Nick Roberts

Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Shower!!!!

Last weekend we had our baby shower/ bbq, hosted by our neighbors, Nick & Megan.  We had a great time & enjoyed hanging out with friends & eating lots of good food.  We cooked hamburgers & hot dogs on the grill & asked the guests to bring side dishes if they could.  We also had a ton of sweet goodies.......White chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, fruity pebble treats, cookies, white chocolate dipped oreos...... so much sugar!  The guys played horse shoes & corn hole outside but it was raining off & on.  There were several games played & even one specifically for the boys where they had to see who could drink a beer out of a baby bottle the fastest.  Kolt Foreman won that game.... shocking!  haha.....    We received several packs of diapers & some cute little outfits.  A few people bought us some items from our registries & some people bought stuff & we are still waiting for it to be delivered to us.  Some of our friends who have a one year old little girl gave us 4 trash bags full of baby clothes.  After going through them all, we ended up keeping about 1 bag of clothes & with everything we already had for her, Brinleigh's closet & dresser are almost full of cute outfits.  

We have had several family members & friends ask what we still need that we have not yet received so I spent some time updating our registries at Target, Kohls, & Babies R' Us.  As far as clothes go, we do not need anything smaller than 6 months.  If anyone wants to give us clothes, 6-9 months & up would be great.  We pretty much only need whatever is left on the registries.  I have removed everything that we have or have too much of & the things that we have realized that we really don't need.  We also ordered her crib bedding this week & that should be arriving next week some time so I can finish setting up the crib.  I am still working on putting all of her clothes away but had to order more hangers & they should also be here next week.  My biggest challenge right now is figuring out how to black out her bedroom.  I bought pink curtains to match the bedding & room decor & because they are such a light color & extremely thin, they do not block any light what so ever.  I have some thermal black out panels that I have attached to the curtains but there are still some cracks that let sun light in.  This probably wouldn't be such a problem if the sun didn't shine directly into her bedroom window in the morning & we seem to be having more sunny days than what we are used to since it it summer time.  Plus, since her room is also the guest room & with everyone coming to visit after she is born, we wanted to make sure that the sun isn't shining into the room & waking people up at 5am. 
Since it is June, we are at the point where we have more hours of daylight than darkness.  The sun goes down & it gets "dark" at about 10:45ish pm right now.  Once the sun is down, it is dark outside but the sky is still somewhat lit up, kind of like having a big, bright, full moon every night.  The sun starts to rise again around 3am, so when I wake up at 4:30am to go to the bathroom (which is extremely annoying might I add), Brinleigh's room looks like someone has gone in & turned on the light, it is so bright in there.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I am now 33 weeks & getting bigger every day it feels like.  We have our last childbirth education class & a bi-monthly check up on Monday.  I can tell that the baby is getting bigger by the change in movements.  I don't get kicked or punched as much since she doesn't have a lot of room to squirm around.  I do feel her push her feet & hands against my belly though & it almost seems like she is trying to escape through my skin.  I also feel her feet & hands glide across the outer part of my belly.  The only way I can explain it is like if you were to press the pad of your finger or your knuckle against your arm or some body part & then slide it a few inches across your skin.  The only difference is that the pushing is coming from the inside, not the outside, but I feel it both in my belly & outside of my belly if I have my  hand or arm resting on my stomach.  She is big enough now that it actually physically hurts to bend over & put on my shoes, socks, pants, etc.  When Kolt comes home from work in the morning, he wakes me up to get ready for work.  Before I get out of bed he talks to me & sometimes he talks to my belly & in the last few weeks the baby has actually started to respond to his voice.  It's quite funny because she won't be moving & then after he starts talking for a little bit, I feel her "wake-up" & start moving around.  When Kolt stops talking she will stop moving, but as soon as he starts again she moves again.    

Here are a few pics from our baby shower.