Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Deployments, Visitors, Swim Lessons, Oh-My!

Please trust me when I say that a two month hiatus was completely unplanned and not intentional AT ALL.  But... Life happens.  Who knew that when we moved off the rock in Alaska to a city by the beach that life would get so much busier.
In the last two months we have survived a couple more deployments, had our first visitor in Florida, Brinleigh started swim lessons, I acquired an additional job and we have spent many, many hours at the splash park by our house.

We signed up at the YMCA so I'm starting to get back into my workouts that I was so dedicated to back in Sitka and thanks to a new friend, I have also found my new walking/running spot in replace of the O'Connel Bridge.  Although, I do have to drive to it and can't just walk from my house like I could in Alaska.  It's much hotter, Brinleigh and I have to apply sunblock before hand, the air isn't as fresh and the views are nowhere near as great, but it is right on the ocean, which is fun.

Our Mother's Day weekend was wonderful and relaxing.  We found a petting farm that we decided to take Brinleigh to while we were out driving around.  She absolutely LOVED it! and I think we kinda did too!  Mother's day we went to church, and then tried out a new brewery restaurant for lunch before getting ice cream.  My absolute favorite part of the day was the family nap time before I had to go to work later that night.

Brinleigh has officially fallen in love with swimming and we couldn't be more excited.  Her swim school and instructors are absolutely amazing.  She has gotten so comfortable with swimming that she will actually walk to the pool and jump in without Kolt or I being there to catch her.  That's not nerve wracking AT ALL......  Now we have to be sure to keep an extra close eye on her around water.