Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm so sad that I haven't been able to keep up with my blog posts the last few months.  I started working part time nights and weekends at Target, which lets be honest.... it doesn't bring in any extra income, all it does is help support my Target shopping addiction.  But so far I'm enjoying it and since I have worked at Target before, it's not completely foreign to me and I'm actually pretty good at what I do.  I've also been busy with projects and crafts for the house and I'm re-doing Brinleigh's bedroom as well. 

So we are currently moving into a new house..... SURPRISE!  It was kinda sudden and unplanned before last week.  Long story short:  Our house was in foreclosure when we moved in but the landlord never told us that and we just found out last week that the house was sold in auction and we will be getting notified by the bank any day now that we need to vacate the house.  So over the last couple of weeks, in between Kolt and I both working and the holiday weekend, we spent all of our free time house hunting.  We were trying to be as optimistic as possible about the situation and believe that it's all God's plan and everything will work out as He intends it to.  Kolt ended up finding us the perfect house and we both fell in love with it when we went to look at it.  So now with Christmas only 20 days away, we are moving, my Christmas decorating has been put on hold and it's 85 degrees outside.  Needless to say, I'm not feeling very festive this year.  Our focus now:  Get moved into our new house as quickly as possible and begin celebrating the holidays.

On another note, I am playing around with the idea of opening my own Etsy shop to sell some of the crafts that I make.  My most recent project seemed to be a hit amongst my friends and I think I could do fairly well with my own craft shop.  It's still just a thought and I haven't pursued anything yet, but opinions and suggestions are welcomed.  I haven't written a post about it, but I made a picture of the state of Alaska with a heart where Sitka is located, to represent where Brinleigh was born.  We are going to hang it in her bedroom so that she will always have a piece of Alaska close to her.  I am going to make an Arizona one for Kolt & I to hang in our bedroom as well.