Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Fall!

One of my two favorite seasons is FALL!  I love FALL!  More so in states where the leaves change colors and the weather drops to boots and sweatshirt temps.  Here in Alaska, we went from Summer to Fall? Winter? Fall, overnight.  Temps are now in the high 40's and it has been non-stop rain.  On the rare days that it doesn't rain, I try to go running outside with Brinleigh.  But for the most part, we have gotten used to do most everything in the rain.

Friday was Alaska Day and we had the usual parade downtown.  The Coast Guard always marches in the town parades so we always go to watch Kolt.  We got there late and weren't able to get a spot under any covered areas so we stood in the rain for and hour.  I have a rain cover for Brinleigh's stroller and she was all bundled up in a warm cozy fleece blanket sack.  She had her juice and her snacks and all the commotion kept her entertained for the most part.  After the parade, Brinleigh and I went to lunch with my friend, Kate.  The rest of the day was spent inside watching movies since it was cold and rainy out.

On Saturday one of the pre-schools hosted a "Pumpkin Patch" event.  We took Brinleigh for something to do and to get out of the house.  One of the grocery stores supplied pumpkins that you could buy and then each child was given a free mini pumpkin.  They also had some games, a bake sale, and a "hayride".  Of course it rained the entire time, which we expected, but it didn't seem to phase Brinleigh at all.  She just wanted to walk around with her little mini pumpkin.

Sunday was my 30th Birthday!  It was raining all day (shocking, I know!) so we celebrated with a relaxing day inside.  Kolt cooked breakfast and then him and Brinleigh sang "Happy Birthday" to me as they presented me with a Chocolate Cream Pie.  It was absolutely de-lic-ious!  And Yes, I did blow out all 30 of my pink candles.  We finished the evening off with our normal Sunday dinner with our friends, Cooper and Kate, and then watched the new episode of "The Walking Dead".  29 was a great year, but 30 is going to be dedicated to getting healthy and getting in shape.