Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Brinleigh has entered the "attachment phase" and is very weary of new people.  With our visit to North Carolina, being in a new place, surrounded by new people, and away from her Daddy, Brinleigh has become extra clingy to me.  She always has her serious face on around other people and she can stare you down like it's her job.  She is very interested in what is going on around her so she constantly watches everyone and she is absolutely fascinated with the other kids.  But I can definitely see a difference in her personality and I think it is a combination of everything going on and her missing her Daddy.  I show her pictures of him that are on my phone and she smiles and gets excited.  I can't wait for Kolt to come visit this weekend so she can see him.  

Brinleigh had a little bit of a stomach bug for a couple days this week.  Her first time ever being sick :(  She was throwing up everything I fed her and was on the verge of a fever so after a call to the doctors office, I started her on an all liquid diet for about 24 hours.  She was extra fussy and I could just tell that she was not my usual happy baby.  I started her back on oatmeal and she kept it down so we are now back to her regular feeding schedule.
                                              (My poor sick baby, I felt so bad for her.)

On a brighter note, Brinleigh and I have been able to do a little shopping, at Target of course and Walmart.  She is now big enough that I can use the grocery cart cover and she can sit in the seat.  Unless I carry her in the baby wrap, it's my only other choice if I need to push a shopping cart.  We didn't bring her infant car seat, which I usually just leave her in and then place into the grocery cart while shopping.  We are using one of KC's bigger car seat that stays in the car and can be rear or forward facing.  Brinleigh loves the big girl car seat and doesn't fuss or whine when I put her in it.  I guess I will be ordering her a convertible car seat as soon as we get back to Sitka.  Anyways, she loves sitting in the cart and being able to see everything and look around when we shop.  She also gets a lot of attention from fellow shoppers who stop to swoon over the abundance of cuteness that exudes this little love bug.  Yes, my daughter is adorable.  I know.  You're Welcome! 
                                      Just as excited as Momma to be shopping at a Target.

                                                                  Big Girl Car Seat

                                                              Shopping at Walmart.

                                                        Happy Girl before she got sick

                                                               Feeling much better!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Traveling to North Carolina...

After an overnight flight, almost 19 hours of travel time, and a four hour time change..... Brinleigh and I finally made it to North Carolina.  For only seven months old and her second time flying, and me having to do it by myself without help, I think the trip went pretty good.  Kolt took us to the airport on Tuesday and we made sure to get Brinleigh some extra cuddle time with Daddy before we went our separate ways. 

Before our trip, I hadn't really thought about how I was going to get through security on my own.  The thought actually didn't even cross my mind until the day before we left.  But surprisingly, it went pretty smoothly.  I had Brinleigh, the jogging stroller, the diaper bag (with liquids in it) and a backpack with a laptop inside.  I put Brinleigh into the baby wrap that I wore, and before getting in line I took the laptop out along with my ziplock bags of liquids.  Once I reached the security area I immediately slipped off my tennis shoes and started putting my shoes, liquids, laptop, backpack and diaper bag into plastic bins.  The lady in front of me was nice enough to push my bins to the rollers for security to run through the x-ray machine.  Then I had to fold up the stroller and lift it up onto the counter because they were required to run it through the x-ray machine as well.  Yes, I did this with a baby strapped to my chest and No, nobody offered to help lift the stroller onto the counter.  So after I walked through the metal detector, I had to have an "additional screening" done because I carried Brinleigh through in the baby wrap.  My additional screening consisted of having both of my hands and all of my fingers swabbed with a piece of fabric.  Then I was able to collect my belongings from the plastic bins.  I got my shoes back on, placed the laptop and liquids back into my bags and one of the security employees lifted the stroller off of the counter and unfolded it for me.  It was all actually pretty quick and I managed to not really hold up the line behind me.  I got a water from the vending machine and sat down in the waiting area until they started boarding.  

Our first flight was a short thirty minute flight from Sitka to Ketchikan, where we didn't have to get off the plane.  We had a window seat and the middle seat next to us was empty.  We were in Ketchikan for about thirty minutes while some people got off the plane and others boarded.  Then we were off to Seattle, but this time we had the entire row to ourselves and the flight lasted about an hour and forty five minutes.  Brinleigh slept for about the first hour, which gave me time to rest as well.  She did great on the take offs and landings and her ears didn't seem to bother her at all.  

One of the things I love about Alaska Airlines is that they unfold the strollers that are gate checked so as soon as you step off the plane it is ready to go.  I didn't have to bother with trying to hold the baby and then unfold the stroller while wearing a back pack and holding a diaper bag.  (I took Brinleigh out of the baby wrap during the flight and just carried her off the plane since the stroller was right there waiting for us.)  
So we landed in Seattle and had a six hour layover.  Thank goodness that the Sea-Tac airport is fairly large.  As soon as we got off the plane we went to the bathroom, got Brinleigh's diaper changed, got the stroller situated and then headed towards the food court area.  I needed to feed Brinleigh lunch and realized that I had packed all of her spoons in the suitcase and forgot to put one in the diaper bag.  So we went into a couple shops to see if they sold baby spoons, which of course they didn't, so I ended up using a regular size plastic spoon.  She handled it very well and ate all of her food with no problem, just in case you were wondering.  So after Brinleigh got her lunch, Momma had to get something to eat as well.  After I ate something we walked around and went into just about every store there was.  Then we commenced to walking laps around the airport, from one end to the other.  Of course we stopped a few times to take bathroom/diaper changing breaks, or sit and charge my cell phone, or feed Brinleigh again.  it was a long layover, but we handled it well and tried to stay busy to pass the time.  Brinleigh got a little fussy right before we boarded the plane again, understandably, but it was also her bedtime.
**Mommy Brag:  During our layover, numerous people smiled and oooh'd and aaahhh'd over our adorable little baby, and really who could blame them?**

The flight from Seattle to Atlanta was almost four hours long and was during the middle of the night (Sitka time).  Brinleigh slept for the first hour of that flight and that was it.  No more.  Ugh!  She was definitely tired and got a little cranky.  When we landed in Atlanta she fell asleep pretty quickly in the stroller.  We had about a three hour layover which gave us plenty of time to take care of everything and get something to eat.  Brinleigh slept for maybe an hour while I walked around and got some food.  My itinerary said the flight from Atlanta to Raleigh was an hour and a half, however, once we boarded the plane, the pilot informed us it was only a forty five minute flight.  Thank The Lord!!!  Brinleigh and I were both so over traveling.  So after that quick little flight we landed in Raleigh.  In Atlanta we switched from Alaska Airlines to Delta so when I got to Raleigh my stroller was not set up for me so I had to do that while holding Brinleigh.  The guy who brought the strollers up to the door saw me and told me he couldn't figure out how to unfold it so he just left it there.  Really??? It's not science it's an effing stroller.  Anyways, I practically ran towards the baggage claim and once we passed the security check point we saw KC and Grayson waiting for us.  

KC and all three kids had just been recovering from a stomach bug right before we arrived and just to be safe, Brinleigh and I stayed our first night at Tyler's mom's house, just down the road from their house.  After stopping for lunch and a quick trip to Target to grab some stuff, we got to Tyler's mom's house and Brinleigh and I both took a long and much needed nap.  KC and Tyler and the kids came back over for dinner and then Brinleigh and I got ready for bed.  We woke up refreshed the next morning to a bright and sunny day.


Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moves!!!

I have been meaning to post a video of Brinleigh's newest moves but it has slipped my mind.  So here are some short clips.... prepare yourself for cuteness overload.  



Look What I Can Do!!!

Brinleigh has discovered the amazing new trick of......... forcing spurts of air out of her nose.  I honestly think it's one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She usually does this in between bites of food when we feed her lunch or dinner.  (Make sure you turn your volume up, otherwise all cuteness is null and void)  

The pictures I got of her doing it: