Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brinleigh's Birthday List

 With Brinleigh's Birthday only two months away..... ::sigh:: ........  I have decided to start birthday wish lists so that our family/friends who would like to send her a gift, have a general idea of what we don't have already or would like to get for her.  Of course, we do not expect people to buy only from these lists and any gifts that she receives will be greatly appreciated.  Also, for anyone who wants to send her money, she has her own savings account and that money will be deposited into her account.  As of right now, she is wearing 9 month clothes, however, in two months when she turns 1, she will probably be moving into 12 month clothes.  I have already started stocking up on some larger winter type clothes since they are all on clearance down here in the lower 48...... where they actually have summer weather right now.   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day!  Brinleigh and I spent the day at Pullen Park with the Ruey's and then grilled out with some of Tyler's family in Raleigh.  The weather was beautiful but got kinda hot while at the park. 

 My tired baby after spending the day at the park.

That evening at the BBQ I gave Brinleigh some watermelon and strawberries for the first time.  I stuffed her fresh food teether full and she would munch and suck it almost dry and then I would refill it.  We repeated this about five times, at least.  She was covered in juice.  I'm talking head and hair, face, hands, arms and even some on her legs.  The cloth bib I had put on her soaked up a lot of juice and was drenched by the time she was done.  But she absolutely loved it.    


Spring Time

So along with not liking the sand or water at the beach, Brinleigh also does not like grass.  We kinda figured this out when we had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago.  She would cry every time we tried to set her in the grass, but it has now been confirmed.  The last weekend that Kolt was home, the weather was absolutely beautiful so we decided to spend some time outside.  We layed out a picnic blanket and let Brinleigh play with some bubbles.  Every time she got to the edge of the blanket, she would put her hand in the grass like she wasn't sure about it.  She would look, hesitate to touch it, lay her hand barely on the grass, then quickly pull it away. 

Brinleigh seems to really love being outside, just like her Daddy.  But honestly, in North Carolina when the weather is as beautiful as it has been lately, who wouldn't love it?  Brinleigh likes to sit with me on the porch swing so last weekend I decided to bring the portable baby swing out on the porch too.  Brinleigh sat in her swing while I sat in mine and we just relaxed.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My First Mother's Day

What can I say, my first Mother's Day was absolutely Amazing.  Kolt got up with the baby so that I could sleep in a little and after I woke up I was surprised with my Mother's Day gifts.  On the kitchen table awaited a box of Dunkin Donuts which contained a special heart shaped and Bavarian cream filled Mother's Day donut just for me.  There was also a beautiful pink vase filled with a bouquet of lilies which had not yet bloomed and a special note from Kolt and Brinleigh.  And lastly, a small box wrapped in gold wrapping paper and topped with a shiny gold bow.  My little golden wrapped package was a necklace from Kay Jewelers that I had shown Kolt a few weeks prior.  It had a ruby, which is Brinleigh's birth stone, and white sapphires, which is Kolt's birthstone.  

After spending a quiet morning lounging around the house, we got ready for the day and headed to Elizabeth City.  Since this was Kolt's last weekend in North Carolina, he couldn't drive Tyler's car back to base, so Brinleigh and I had to take him.  We had a nice two hour drive to Elizabeth City, where once we were on base, we of course stopped at the exchange so Momma could shop a little.  Brinleigh got a bib (they didn't have much for babies) and Momma got a new hat.  After we left the exchange, we drove down to the private beach so we could introduce Brinleigh to the ocean.  Yes, she was born on an island, however, we have never taken her to the beach in Alaska since it's been so cold.  Brinleigh was NOT a fan of the beach.  I'm not sure if it had anything to do with her being tired or hungry, but she cried every time we set her feet in the sand and she almost lost her shit when we tried to put her in the water.  Since the Coast Guard base is in the Albemarle sound, the waves are almost non-existent.  Brinleigh kept a very close eye on the water, as in, wouldn't look away from it.  At all.  Even with Kolt or I holding her, if we walked into the water she did not like it one little bit.   

After our time at the beach, we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before heading back to the base where Brinleigh and I said our Goodbyes to Kolt.  It was gonna be 3 weeks until we saw him again back in Sitka..... or so he thought. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baby On The Move

It's official.  Brinleigh is mobile.  She even does her own stunts.  She is not only crawling, but also surprised me by pulling herself up on her knee's one day.  Then the following day, she pulled herself completely up onto her feet in the standing position.  My little love bug is getting so big, it makes me sad but excited at the same time.  I don't want her to grow up but I can't wait for all the fun things we can do as she get's older.  

KC and I took all the kids to the local produce farm last weekend so we could pick strawberries.  Brinleigh wasn't too impressed until the very end when she got to taste some of Momma's strawberry ice cream.  She was all about that part and seemed to really enjoy it.  Don't freak out, she only ate maybe about 1/2 teaspoon.  

 Brinleigh also got to experience her first little league baseball game.  Kayden had his first game of the season a few days ago and another one tonight.  Brinleigh sat with her Uncle Tyler and just watched everything going on around her.  Every now and then she would suck on her paci or play with her squishy ball, but I think with so many kids running around, she stayed pretty interested in people watching. 

  In other Brinleigh news, she got her toes painted for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I bought some "Piggy Paint" on especially for her.  It is non-toxic nail polish that says it is as "natural as mud" and is specifically made to be used on children.  It's cute but it seems to chip off somewhat quickly.... as you can see.