Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back in Action

As if I don't have enough going on in my life right now, I've decided to bring the blog back to life.  Again.  Mostly because it really is the easiest way to keep our family updated on what's going on in our life, across the country, wherever that may be.  AND.... Well..... Easton has kinda gotten shafted with the info updates.  Poor little man.  So, even if it's a short quick post from my phone, I vow that starting today, Little Alaska Baby is back in action.  But speaking of..... We need a new blog name. ( Item #729 on my To-Do List )

Just to get everyone up to speed though....

Kolt left at the end of July for a five week deployment to Kodiak, Alaska.  It's been me, a teething baby, an annoying dog, and an extremely sassy four year old for the last month.  Brinleigh started VPK (Pre-K) at the beginning of August and she goes Monday-Friday from 9am-Noon.  It's a Christian preschool located at a church about ten minutes from our house and we are all absolutely loving it so far.  I have finally gotten back to working out again and it has been so nice.  After I drop Brinleigh off at school in the mornings, Easton and I head to the Dunedin Causeway and walk/run our three miles for an hour before heading home for a snack, diaper change and a quick nursing session before going back out to pick up Brinleigh.  It has really helped us to get more of a consistent daily routine down which is sure to get all screwed up as soon as Kolt comes home this weekend.

I have jumped back into my crafting but stepped it up a little and I am testing out some new projects and opened up and Etsy shop.  It only has a few items in it so far, but I'm surprised at how many orders I have received without even promoting anything.  Back to school chalkboards were my main items and I posted them for sale on the local moms facebook group and it ended up being very successful.  I'm working on creating a Facebook page and an Instagram account for my shop, but this is all still very, very new and there are no guarantee's that it will work out or be a permanent thing.  Mainly because I really have no room in our apartment but we are testing the waters.
I've also decided on Halloween costumes for this year and I'm finally taking on the challenge of making them myself!  A goal that I have had every. single. year since Brinleigh was born, but this year..... It's on!

And..... Lastly... We have made the transition into cloth diapering!  I'm in love and I wish so badly that I had done it with Brinleigh. Especially since we potty trained her so late. Our whole goal with this decision is completely finance based. We simply just want to save money and after adding all the figures and seeing the numbers, well it just made sense. So we (I) have quickly been trying to gather all the necessary items and while Kolt has been gone, I have gotten us almost 100% cloth diapered. I'm still working on a few more things that I need to order so as of now we are running off the bare minimum, but at least Easton is rocking a cute bottom now.